Spring 2017 Trend – Colorful Coats

If you open your Instagram and scroll through some of the fashion related # you will see one of my favorite pieces for this spring. My latest obsession and probably one 2017 essential that will definitely make you stand out this season are colorful coats. After having to put on a few layers throughout the winter and feeling like you are going to suffocate any moment it is time to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Of course during this season there is still a possibility for heavy rain or windy days, so every fashionista needs something to keep her warm while still looking stylish.

Looking back, I came to the realization that throughout my late teenage years my wardrobe was filled with black clothes and to some extend still is. Yet I have been pushing myself towards experimenting with different colors. So one of my 2017 New Year’s resolutions was to buy less black. And ever since I set this goal I have been in love with long, oversized coats in bright colors. Firstly, they are very comfortable and do not cause discomfort like winter jackets do. Secondly, if you choose brighter colors you will definitely stand out in the crowd. Additionally, depending on your style and the occasion you can combine these coats with almost anything. What is more, if you are still afraid to experiment you can always be dressed in black from head to toe, but adding one of those coats will definitely add a pop of color to your otherwise dull outfit.

My favorite choices for #ootd are the flirty night out look, the sporty/casual chick one and my Valentine’s Day look.

I love the combination of these over the knee black boots and this long red coat. It creates the perfect contrast, but also looks very stylish and sexy. Add a cute little bag and you will be ready to hit the city with your chicas for a girls’ night out in the hottest bars in town. If you want a more elegant look you can add a black dress and one of those fishnet tights that are really popular right now (another item on my ‘must-buy’ list).

Yet, these coats also work for a more laid-back look. In the second example I combined my bright pink coat with these thighs that have hearts all over them and these suede ‘pink-ish’ sneakers that absolutely compliment the coat.

As Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love I focused on hearts and the color red. Adding heart-shaped glasses on this day do not make your look over the top, rather than that they actually complimented it. This is one of my favorite outfits, because I really felt like I was standing out in the crowd with this bright red coat and it also was a great outfit for the celebration.

What do you guys think? Are you convinced that bright-colored coats are the 2017 spring trend?




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