Blog Reflection

It was very interesting for me to work on a blog for university as I got to experience a whole new side to it. I have been writing a blog on my own (apart from university) for less than one year, but when doing it as an assessment I saw both advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, this assignment provided me with knowledge that I will be able to apply into my own blog.

What I found very useful is that I got the opportunity to take a more serious look at other bloggers and influencers. Before that I had been more focused on reading their content as a leisure activity rather than looking at the way they are writing, the topic they were engaging with in different blogposts and how they had constructed their entire blog. When examining different blogs I was searching for popular influencers that are writing about Fashion and are well-known in their field. The top three blogs that I occupied myself with are:

I chose these influencers because they are very popular and successful in their fields. I also like their writing style as it is more laid back and they often incorporate everyday stories and life events in their fashion posts. This definitely makes a difference as the reader not only gets an advice on current trends, but also has the opportunity to engage with the bloggers on a more personal level. Additionally, I was inspired by these blogger’s pictures as they tend to use very professional looking photos, which definitely makes the blog more visually appealing. I tried to do this by using more high quality and professional looking pictures and spent a while editing them. What most of these bloggers use are websites, where they can link their products and they will appear as a row of little pictures somewhere in the text. Unfortunately, such websites are looking for bloggers with a larger follower base, which was very difficult due to the fact that this is a fairly new blog. Therefore, I used’s features to create my own type picture gallery with similar or the same products.

What I like about is that it has a very user-friendly interface and one can learn the different functions very fast. The .com version is very useful for beginner bloggers, but unfortunately it has its limitations if you want to develop a more professional interface.

As it was an assessment at times I felt restrained in the language I was using. As I was aiming at a more professional look I made sure to use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Overall, I enjoyed working on this assignment as I received a more professional outlook on blogging. Looking at other, more successful fashion bloggers I was able to get valuable insight into how they structure their content. Yet, as it is an ever evolving sphere one has to continue engaging with other creators and learn from them.


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